Royal Sash--$30


To Place an Order or Get a Price Quote:

I will send you an invoice by return email for your consideration.

Note:  Please review invoice carefully for accuracy!!  I work from the invoice, not the email.


Turnaround Time & Shipping:

All sashes are shipped USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days transit time).      PLEASE NOTE that shipping prices quoted here and on invoices do not include insurance.  If you elect to purchase insurance, you must inform me of that when you place your order.  Sender is NOT responsible for shipments lost in transit.  

Approximate Shipping Costs:                        

Cleaning Your Sash:

I do not recommend dry cleaning. I've replaced a number of sashes ruined by cleaners. All my sashes, even with rhinestones, should be hand washed. Pre-treat all stains with Simple Green (available at Home Depot & other stores, it removes blood, grease, food, makeup, etc.). Spray & rub gently. Hand wash in warm water--I use Woolite because it's formulated for hand washing. Rinse thoroughly. Roll in a towel to remove excess water. Hang to dry. Iron on  polyester setting.  If your sash has rhinestones, iron on the back side only.